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  6. Hi all heard from a few people that this is the new revo some may remember me I hope anyways haha, looking forward to getting back into some to rp as have had life stuff going on and took a long break from it, good luck with everything
  7. We will officially be opening for RP on April 30, 2021.
  8. If you value your life, you will know what to do. lol
  9. You may have the wrong server. Our server does not use TokoVoIP
  10. Guest

    Tokovoip problem

    when i installed tokovoip from her link she be installed like a fichier on bloc note so i cant install and run her
  11. lol....I have another song too that you sang 😉 *Thinks*should I post it?
  12. Certainly possible, just wouldn't be a priority to specialize the locks for motorcycles alone. A lock-pick and hotwire system is certain to come though.
  13. I think what OP means is that those locks don't prevent anyone from sitting on the bike. A way this could be made a bit more realistic is to have lockpicks for doors and maybe, in order to be able to hotwire vehicles, have a hotwiring kit or just a simple knife in inventory to preform action. But this might be a bit too much work for what it's for or I don't even know if this is possible. Just spit ballin' here.
  14. Vehicle: Elegy Retro Custom Acceleration/Speed: Acceleration........ good But for Speed......... I feel it could go a little faster by about 10% Steering: Good Braking: needs more grip when braking, it slides just a little too much basically meaning it does not feel like it has ABS Suspension: good Grip: as i said for the braking
  15. This car was one of many cars fixed when the Diamond DLC issue was fixed. Next time we're up, please give it a shot and tell me if it needs anything else!
  16. Vehicle: Tezeract When accelerating up to 100mph the front wheels would just spin and the vehicle would not turn at all Other than that the car drove really nicely. It's what I expected from an all electic hypercar. Great accelearation, great handling but reasonable top speed.
  17. Vehicle: Jugular Acceleration/Speed: Acceleration good. Top speed far too low for a 350k car couldn't get much over 120. Would like to see it 180 - 200 Steering: Seemed good but will need to be tested at higher speed if top speed is improved Braking: Seemed good but will need to be tested at higher speed if top speed is improved Suspension: Seemed good but will need to be tested at higher speed if top speed is improved Grip: Seemed good but will need to be tested at higher speed if top speed is improved
  18. Should be fixed next time around. Thanks for the feedback!
  19. Template: Vehicle: Trashmaster Grip: Drifts like a Nissan 180SX in the rain Other: Easily drops engine health to yellow after a mediocre hit
  20. but you can lock a bike... steering lock, disc brake lock, chain lock and more. Irl I use them locks
  21. Yeah, I kind a looked around but it wasn't obvious. Moving it to Sandy Airfield may make it feel/flow a bit better too on an RP side of things.
  22. There is a place to put it away, but not the same spot. I can definitely move it ezpz! I'll put the return spot closer to the spawn too. It was kinda hidden in a corner when we had the tarmac and may be inside a tree now or something for all I know. 😅
  23. I take it you will move the spawn point up there? (On a side note there was no option to put the Kart away at the racetrack?)
  24. Thank you for following the template so well! I'll get this knocked out shortly and it should be in server soon. Made some changes to the kuruma as well! Thanks for the feedback.
  25. Was going to comment, but it looks like you got your answer. Maybe someday if we figure out how to make it work! Loved having that tarmac. Sandy airport is a decent alternative for the time being. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  26. Hi, I know there is a tarmac version of the race track (replaces the dirt). Is it possible to use that for the go karts? EDIT: Please delete...Seen Jasmine's comment on discrord ref this and and the Casino loading issue. Thanks
  27. Vehicle: Go-Postal Truck Acceleration/Speed: OK Steering: OK Braking: Takes too long to slow and feels un-natural. Suggest increase breaking efficiency by 20%. Suspension: ok Grip: ok
  28. Is there a way to not be able to lock a motorcycle's "Doors" since that isn't realistic but still be able to lock cars etc?
  29. When you go up to a certain speed and you want to take a turn, it doesn't slide enough or turns easy. It feels like it it just wants to go forward. At least a bit more spice to it if you understand what i mean. But i get what you say, it's normal for the "cheaper" cars to be less good.
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