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  4. Alex Jones

    Tow pay

    decrease tow pay $1200 is too much
  5. Mechanics would be able to customize/upgrade and repair vehicles. Mechanics could install certain upgrades to civs and crims that would be deemed illegal by LEO. If the civ or crim were to be caught the crim/civ pays the price of there actions. The mechanic could not get into trouble because it’s not under ground work. The cops could ask the mechanic(s) to remove the upgrades if they had a warrant. The crim or civ would then have to pay the mechanic to uninstall the illegal upgrades.
  6. Hello everyone! I wanted to take this time to introduce myself. My character name is, as you can see by the title, Tim Mckenzie. I usually play as a civ, but I will follow where the RP take me. As for myself IRL I am married and a father of two beautiful children. I work shift work so I will be on at all different times and different days. I look forward to meeting you all in game!
  7. THE CHANS ARE BACK!!!!!!!

  8. APPROVED Character has been removed from your account
  9. New Features New Job: Fishing New map blips Drug animation effects Bug Fixes Processing items now updates the inventory UI Fixed duplicate cars given at chop shop Door lock fixes Fixed ammo disappearing Fixed queue and server role syncing Changes Changes to emergency services dispatch alerts Weather forecast updates Added blimps and other vehicles to blacklist These patch notes are not meant to be an in game newspaper or anything of the like. They are posted as a way to updat
  10. Easily done. Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. Well you have plenty of time to catch people with the first step and I'm assuming the third step as well? And possibly any other step you might have hidden in here. To add to this, you have the person driving all over the map giving them even more of a chance to get caught transporting. Ok, so I had another thing in mind. How about making cutting with a knife slower than cutting at the spot? Or just increasing the hotspots speed, can say rp wise they're using equipment to do the work. So it might be like, why use the knife if its slow? Well the cutting location could be hot, aka lots of
  12. There is a Bank location on Boulevard Del Perro that you can't access the Banking system at. I'm guessing this was probably just missed. I even added the coords to help you peeps!
  13. As I agree with maybe having a certain item for cutting etc to make it more immersion based, as Peterson said, the idea is to make it a risk to do these illegal things. With every crime, comes a risk. It creates the sense of "paranoia" of getting caught doing them. We do not want people to do them and know they will never get caught processing drugs etc. With every risk comes a greater reward. All servers tend to have this balance so that it creates RP not just for Crims but also legal civilians as well as LEO.
  14. That's easy enough to do. I can definitely make it a usable item, however, our main concern is having people in a recognizable place to get caught doing illegal things, rather than being able to hide in some deep dark corner of the map and process freely with little to no risk.
  15. The current design for the game has you essentially doing a easter egg hunt. I get the idea, make it harder. But the execution is terrible. The second step for example, that should be possible with an item. But you want us to go to a location for it. Then you want us to go to another location for step 3. How does this fit or make sense using immersion? I suggest, leave the harvesting the same. Then make a script for doing step two with cannabis at least with a item. Then step three should be at a location, cutting out the more senseless mechanic since it feels unrealistic.
  16. Character Name - Kieda Azura Character SSN (Found typing /dl in in game chat) - 144 Reason For Wipe - Character was made to try and fix a bug before requesting to be put back in character creation.
  17. Approved The 2 characters have been removed from your account.
  18. well basically we have to wait 10 minutes to respawn. Honestly my opinion on this is if theres no cops or EMS clocked in half the timer down, make it 5 minutes or less for us to respawn if we can't get any help. no more to add to my suggestion, i feel like do we reallt need so wait 10 min if theres bi copa or EMS?
  19. New Features Add method to view/pay state debt Added ability to drag to all players if there aren't EMS or LEO online Changes Lockpick changes Job paytick is no longer the same for all ranks in emergency services Hotwiring is now required if you don't have the key These patch notes are not meant to be an in game newspaper or anything of the like. They are posted as a way to update the community of server updates, but it's still expected that you discover changes or new features in character. As always, if you find any bugs,
  20. I believe it would cause completion (once the server grows) you could possibly add RP based drop off sites such as the hospital or police station. Having rivalry among people creates a driving force that isn’t solely just to grind.
  21. I’ve done mechanic RP on another server. That’s why I brought it up. DM if you need additional help/information
  22. While I would like new players to be able to get in to RP as soon as possible, I don't think gifting everyone a car right away is going to be the answer. We already start players off with a total of $10000 to get themselves started which is more than enough to get all licenses, basic items, and a cheap car.
  23. I like where you're going with this and mechanic job is on our list of things to put in as we go along. Can't say soon, but it is planned to have a mechanic job with some extra stuff for them to do besides fix a car.
  24. The gopostal job will likely be reworked at some point, so I'm not sure this is something that will happen. Would be nice to get a little bit more detail on how you see this feature promoting RP. What would cause them to interact, or create RP scenarios.
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