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  1. Yesterday
  2. Yeah, I kind a looked around but it wasn't obvious. Moving it to Sandy Airfield may make it feel/flow a bit better too on an RP side of things.
  3. There is a place to put it away, but not the same spot. I can definitely move it ezpz! I'll put the return spot closer to the spawn too. It was kinda hidden in a corner when we had the tarmac and may be inside a tree now or something for all I know. 😅
  4. I take it you will move the spawn point up there? (On a side note there was no option to put the Kart away at the racetrack?)
  5. Thank you for following the template so well! I'll get this knocked out shortly and it should be in server soon. Made some changes to the kuruma as well! Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Was going to comment, but it looks like you got your answer. Maybe someday if we figure out how to make it work! Loved having that tarmac. Sandy airport is a decent alternative for the time being. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  7. Last week
  8. Hi, I know there is a tarmac version of the race track (replaces the dirt). Is it possible to use that for the go karts? EDIT: Please delete...Seen Jasmine's comment on discrord ref this and and the Casino loading issue. Thanks
  9. Vehicle: Go-Postal Truck Acceleration/Speed: OK Steering: OK Braking: Takes too long to slow and feels un-natural. Suggest increase breaking efficiency by 20%. Suspension: ok Grip: ok
  10. Is there a way to not be able to lock a motorcycle's "Doors" since that isn't realistic but still be able to lock cars etc?
  11. When you go up to a certain speed and you want to take a turn, it doesn't slide enough or turns easy. It feels like it it just wants to go forward. At least a bit more spice to it if you understand what i mean. But i get what you say, it's normal for the "cheaper" cars to be less good.
  12. One of my biggest pain points, from the before times, was having my vehicle disappear on me if I lost my head, teleported (housing/storage), or needed to relog due to some unforeseen issue. I just tested by relogging with my vehicle near the clothing store, and it was gone when I came back in the server. I don't know if this has been discussed by the development team to any extent, but it's a solvable issue by calling the CreateVehicle method server side. This will make the server the primary owner of the entity, and since the server doesn't log off without it being restarted the vehi
  13. I'm not sure if my handling changes for those vehicles are being applied, but if it is, I can look in to it tonight.
  14. Vehicle: Stratum Custom Acceleration: I don't know if it's base or not. But would get 0-60 in one intersecton (say across Strawberry on Vespucci). Felt interesting seeing a car that fast that's more or less a station wagon. Felt it would get over 100 quickly. Tried to gauge it but could figure out a proper distance/max speed before server restart.
  15. Have the page down menu be mappable in key binds as currently the page down is reacting with R2 on controller so when driving you have a menu constantly.
  16. A load of us went over to the island to have a look around.. and although cool to be out there, vehicles are very far and few between. Just constant running which ultimately isnt too fun. Even cars you find are locked. would be cool to have a rental place at the landing strip.. with a few bikes (off roaders) and some off road cars/jeeps/trucks. Another idea is to have a garage at the airport by a hanger etc where you can store your car(s) and access them from the island as if you had it/them transported over there.
  17. Daddddddy sang to me a few years ago.......remember papa!! 😄
  18. Can you expand on this a bit more? Understeering would mean you want it to start sliding in to a turn more easily. Is that what you mean? Also, keep in mind that cars of lower price may have speed, but they may not perform as well as things that are in the hundreds of thousands.
  19. Template: Vehicle: Kuruma Steering: needs a bit more understeer, at this point when you have some speed going it doesn't steer that well.
  20. Sometimes you need to look at it without it bringing your OOC actions IC. Also it would be helpful to be able to see the character ID for reporting when holding delete.
  21. Hello, old players will remember me as Martin Price, others Lucas Vice. I'm a 23 year old from the united kingdom, i do radio/web dev stuff and the odd bit of LUA and FiveM development, i've got a gorgeous girlfriend who made me stick around RP after not doing it for a few months. thought i'd show up to bully @Holland Stiles and possibly nooby if he returns because i miss him, I've missed doing the martin price stuff, if you wanna know the real reason for his perma was i was quite depressed and didn't want to stay around much.. plus revo was dying slowly, i'd love to bring him back b
  22. [url=https://gazpromtransgazkazan.ru/forum/fr/job-interview/45.html]Anal secret[/url]

  23. Why hello there! It's good to see another familiar face around here ;D Can't wait to RP with you again and everyone as well. ❤️
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