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  1. Thank you for following the template so well! I'll get this knocked out shortly and it should be in server soon. Made some changes to the kuruma as well! Thanks for the feedback.
    2 points
  2. Is there a way to not be able to lock a motorcycle's "Doors" since that isn't realistic but still be able to lock cars etc?
    1 point
  3. There is a place to put it away, but not the same spot. I can definitely move it ezpz! I'll put the return spot closer to the spawn too. It was kinda hidden in a corner when we had the tarmac and may be inside a tree now or something for all I know. 😅
    1 point
  4. Sometimes you need to look at it without it bringing your OOC actions IC. Also it would be helpful to be able to see the character ID for reporting when holding delete.
    1 point
  5. I tried it already last time around. To have that, we'd have to give up the pub that currently occupies that location. There's a gum in Paleto I plan on trying to implement if it doesn't conflict tho.
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