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  1. Easily done. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. That's easy enough to do. I can definitely make it a usable item, however, our main concern is having people in a recognizable place to get caught doing illegal things, rather than being able to hide in some deep dark corner of the map and process freely with little to no risk.
  3. While I would like new players to be able to get in to RP as soon as possible, I don't think gifting everyone a car right away is going to be the answer. We already start players off with a total of $10000 to get themselves started which is more than enough to get all licenses, basic items, and a cheap car.
  4. I like where you're going with this and mechanic job is on our list of things to put in as we go along. Can't say soon, but it is planned to have a mechanic job with some extra stuff for them to do besides fix a car.
  5. The gopostal job will likely be reworked at some point, so I'm not sure this is something that will happen. Would be nice to get a little bit more detail on how you see this feature promoting RP. What would cause them to interact, or create RP scenarios.
  6. Definitely a good idea, however, it will likely be a much lower number than that.
  7. Yeah, I don't think that should be possible anymore? Will have to test it out
  8. The functionality was actually already added, but was disabled until I was able to flesh it out more and not make it an instant rob. Will be in server soon.
  9. We can discuss how we can allow players to carry one another without restricting EMS's ability to also receive roleplay. Often times carrying and loading players in to vehicles removes the element of roleplay for EMS and people end up skipping that step to get healed themselves and not wait for EMS/PD to show up and help.

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