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  1. You may have the wrong server. Our server does not use TokoVoIP
  2. Certainly possible, just wouldn't be a priority to specialize the locks for motorcycles alone. A lock-pick and hotwire system is certain to come though.
  3. This car was one of many cars fixed when the Diamond DLC issue was fixed. Next time we're up, please give it a shot and tell me if it needs anything else!
  4. Should be fixed next time around. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. There is a place to put it away, but not the same spot. I can definitely move it ezpz! I'll put the return spot closer to the spawn too. It was kinda hidden in a corner when we had the tarmac and may be inside a tree now or something for all I know. 😅
  6. Thank you for following the template so well! I'll get this knocked out shortly and it should be in server soon. Made some changes to the kuruma as well! Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Was going to comment, but it looks like you got your answer. Maybe someday if we figure out how to make it work! Loved having that tarmac. Sandy airport is a decent alternative for the time being. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  8. I'm not sure if my handling changes for those vehicles are being applied, but if it is, I can look in to it tonight.
  9. Can you expand on this a bit more? Understeering would mean you want it to start sliding in to a turn more easily. Is that what you mean? Also, keep in mind that cars of lower price may have speed, but they may not perform as well as things that are in the hundreds of thousands.
  10. RC boats? That sounds like so much fun tbh.
  11. This thread is for members to provide feedback on the handling of a vehicle. We ask that you be as descriptive as possible. If you are providing feedback on more than one vehicle, please use the template for EACH individual vehicle. Some examples of how to provide feedback following the template: Template: Vehicle: Acceleration/Speed: Steering: Braking: Suspension: Grip: Other:

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