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Holland Stiles

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  1. Why hello there! It's good to see another familiar face around here ;D Can't wait to RP with you again and everyone as well. ❤️
  2. Oh hey, I like playing video games too! Web Dev? Niiice, I have an associates in "Art" but I studied Web Dev to even get it. That is awesome!
  3. It's good to see you again Boyle ;D We didn't get to RP a whole lot when I was on Charli, but I remember watching your stream a few times and thought you were one of the best RPers of Revo. Great cop too!
  4. Wait, what happened to amazon?!!! I was hoping I'd get free stuff. ?
  5. ❤️ 

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    2. Holland Stiles

      Holland Stiles

      wait, how'd you get that emoji on here WTFFFFF HAX. *reports*

    3. Ari Creed

      Ari Creed

      ples no report


    4. Holland Stiles

      Holland Stiles

      Alright, I'm quitting the internet. 

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