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  1. Under Review We are currently reviewing your comp request. Please give us 48 hours to review. Thanks!
  2. As I agree with maybe having a certain item for cutting etc to make it more immersion based, as Peterson said, the idea is to make it a risk to do these illegal things. With every crime, comes a risk. It creates the sense of "paranoia" of getting caught doing them. We do not want people to do them and know they will never get caught processing drugs etc. With every risk comes a greater reward. All servers tend to have this balance so that it creates RP not just for Crims but also legal civilians as well as LEO.
  3. If you'd like to link your TeamSpeak with the forums to get pretty tags, follow this guide. This is completely optional since you do not need tags to connect to our servers. Just like Discord, go to your account settings: You will have a list of settings on your left. At the bottom of those options is "TeamSpeak" settings. You will then be asked to put in your UUID To find your UUID for TeamSpeak, you'll have to open up your TeamSpeak app, make sure you're signed in (if no account, please register one), and then you're going to prese CTRL+I (
  4. First and foremost thanks for your suggestions. It's very much appreciated. This is a very good idea and the admins are already looking into this. We already have this, however it wasn't showcased in our launching. People can own their own business. As for those businesses having mechanics of their own, its not our first priority. Our priority is to get everything major worked on before making this a possible thing. People can own businesses without having a mod to help them run it. The community itself can create their own RP without having a mod/mechanic to run a business fo
  5. For Miles Monroe we can force you into the character creation screen to fix your character and go from them. You just need to be logged into server for us to do that. As for Thomas McDougal, we have deleted that character.
  6. Yes, we are able to force your character into a character creation screen where you'll be able to change your characters overall appearance. When you are available to go in server to do this, please open a ticket and tell me, then I'll go in server to make it happen.
  7. Under Review We are currently reviewing your comp request. Please give us 48 hours to review. Thanks!
  8. Under Review We are currently reviewing your comp request. Please give us 48 hours to review. Thanks!
  9. Name Change Name Changes will not be issued unless one of these conditions are met: They are joining/leaving a Govt Job They got an in-game marriage They typed their name wrong, entered the name incorrectly, or the name goes against server naming rules Admin approved justification for in-game reasoning. (Must go through DOJ roleplay for DOJ endorsement) If a DOJ decision is made in-character please tag the DOJ member working with you. Character Wipe If you request that a character be wiped who is alive they must: They have zero government debt Can
  10. Comp Request Template TOPIC TITLE --> Character Name | Compensation Request RP Character - SSN - Requested Compensation Amount - Time and Date of Incident - Description of Situation - Any and all evidence - ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PLEASE READ OR YOUR COMPENSATION REQUEST MAY BE DENIED Requests will only be considered if the following is met: Assets weren’t lost due to RDM and or VDM Assets weren’t lost due to a hack
  11. Welcome! We never RP'd together as I started on Revo with Charli after you had already left, but you were highly talked about. One of Revo's OGs if I recall. If you do decide to be apart of LEO, that'd be awesome. We'd love to have you. Hope to see you in server!
  12. In this case, we'll choose the busiest time. So if we feel Friday will give us a low population, we'll choose the time that does not. We want the server to be super busy during launch.
  13. Why hello there! It's good to see another familiar face around here ;D Can't wait to RP with you again and everyone as well. ❤️
  14. Oh hey, I like playing video games too! Web Dev? Niiice, I have an associates in "Art" but I studied Web Dev to even get it. That is awesome!

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