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  1. New Features New Job: Fishing New map blips Drug animation effects Bug Fixes Processing items now updates the inventory UI Fixed duplicate cars given at chop shop Door lock fixes Fixed ammo disappearing Fixed queue and server role syncing Changes Changes to emergency services dispatch alerts Weather forecast updates Added blimps and other vehicles to blacklist These patch notes are not meant to be an in game newspaper or anything of the like. They are posted as a way to updat
  2. New Features Add method to view/pay state debt Added ability to drag to all players if there aren't EMS or LEO online Changes Lockpick changes Job paytick is no longer the same for all ranks in emergency services Hotwiring is now required if you don't have the key These patch notes are not meant to be an in game newspaper or anything of the like. They are posted as a way to update the community of server updates, but it's still expected that you discover changes or new features in character. As always, if you find any bugs,
  3. It isn't possible, you have to own the car to store it. Other people can't store your car anymore.
  4. IN GAME VOIP MUST BE DISABLED FOR SALTYCHAT TO FUNCTION PROPERLY WHILE IN GAME Please be sure you have this plugin downloaded and installed. If done correctly, it should show up in the plugins menu on the top of the Teamspeak. Then, make sure you are out of the joining lobby, support or admin channels, or and department specific rooms. Once you load into the server, you will be pulled into the server Teamspeak room and the black screen will disappear. There are a lot of settings you can play with to set everything up as you like To disable
  5. For accessing the server, Discord and FiveM must be linked. You can check by opening FiveM with Discord open, and checking that Discord is listed in the Connected Accounts under "Settings". If it's not listed, there are a few solutions to the problem. First, be sure Discord isn't running in administrator mode. For whatever reason it effects the game's ability to connect. Just restart Discord out of admin mode, then restart Discord. If the connection still isn't there, You can attempt to delete the FiveM cache, as well as Discord's cache. Close both, then delete FiveM's b
  6. This is a running list of commands and Keybinds currently in the server. Most Keybinds can be changed to any key in Settings > Keybinds > FiveM Most if not all the commands will have a Keybind or interaction menu counterpart. Keybinds [F1] - Interaction Menu [F2] - Toggle Surrender [F3] - Toggle Prone [F6] - Toggle vehicle engine [F10] - Bring up speed radar controls [E] - Interact with most markers [I] - Inventory [B] - Point (This one is the default GTA keybind for pointing located under GTA Online) or seatbelt if
  7. Starting running list of features for the server by developer @Cooper Bradley Roleplay framework - Handles character creation, permissions, and internal user list SaltyChat integration Bank - Bank account system with initial primary account. Allows for more account and account types in the future /accounts (to see your account #) /withdraw [account#] [amount] /deposit [account#] [amount] Forecast - Pre selects forecast, eventually will be available from the phone Inventory - Integrates weapons and ammo into the i

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