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Smokey Nagata

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  1. 1st Suggestion - Change server name to add keywords showcasing features in the server such as, drugs, crims, robberies, cops, businesses etc (It'll give people an idea on what the server offers) 2nd Suggestion - Business ownership. Allow players to own businesses and earn money, creating rp and a source of money rather than the rp less driving of a gopostel truck to locations and hunting (Burgershot, Dealership, Crim Business etc) 3rd Suggestion - Advertisement, of course I don't know how it would be done, but getting the word out about the server and increasing its playerbase, is su
  2. I have a little suggestion that would be super helpful to let newcomers know what to expecting in the server, like what kind of feature we have. This suggestion being in the FiveM server name, right beside server one or whitelist, putting keywords like, drugs, cops, ems, custom import cars, bank robberies, etc. I just think these keywords, attract more people to the server, and let them know the kinds of things in the server

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