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Bill Brexit

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  1. lol....I have another song too that you sang 😉 *Thinks*should I post it?
  2. Yeah, I kind a looked around but it wasn't obvious. Moving it to Sandy Airfield may make it feel/flow a bit better too on an RP side of things.
  3. I take it you will move the spawn point up there? (On a side note there was no option to put the Kart away at the racetrack?)
  4. Hi, I know there is a tarmac version of the race track (replaces the dirt). Is it possible to use that for the go karts? EDIT: Please delete...Seen Jasmine's comment on discrord ref this and and the Casino loading issue. Thanks
  5. Vehicle: Go-Postal Truck Acceleration/Speed: OK Steering: OK Braking: Takes too long to slow and feels un-natural. Suggest increase breaking efficiency by 20%. Suspension: ok Grip: ok
  6. Daddddddy sang to me a few years ago.......remember papa!! 😄

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