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  • Introduction
    This page is the central rules list for the entirety of our GTA V roleplay community. You are expected to know and be familiar with all the rules on this page before playing on our server, this includes checking back frequently for any updated rules.

    We want to foster great roleplay and experiences while you play on our roleplay server. As such, these rules are strictly enforced and are punishable by a kick or ban from our servers or community with no warning.

    It is your responsibility to follow and keep up to date with our rules, nobody will be grandfathered in or is exempt to the rules. If you encounter a player breaking any of our rules do not break RP to call them out. Gather evidence, then visit our player report section and follow the instructions there.

    All rules are subject to admin discretion.
    If you are unsure about any rules please ask a staff member.
    If you witness someone breaking a rule, this does not give you the right to break rules too, stay calm and in-character, obtain video-evidence and then report the individual. 


    Core Community Expectations

    • Unbecoming Behavior - Zero tolerance of racism, sexism, abusiveness, toxic behavior, harassment, suggestions of rape, or rape RP. This also includes trolling, cop baiting, being a nuisance/annoyance, forcing RP, and actions unbecoming of a member of the community.
    • Cheating/Exploiting - Weapons obtained by NPCs, vehicles, or other unintended means isn’t permitted. Cheats, hacks, dupes, third party game-altering effects, third party communication, or exploiting any system for use other than what was intended is strictly forbidden.
      • If you witness anyone cheating/exploiting, you are expected to report it. If you are encouraging/participating in the cheating/exploiting, you may face punishment.
    • Metagaming - Metagaming is defined as taking information learned out side of the game (and outside of RP) and bringing it into the game. This is not allowed.
    • No Ruleplaying: Ruleplaying is the act of slipping between the lines of the server rules to give you an edge, or avoid penalties. Carrying out actions and claiming it is not prohibited in the rules, therefore is allowed is also unacceptable. If you feel the rules should be clarified you can speak to a staff member, who will review the rules and determine if further clarification is needed.
    • Roleplay Expectations: We are geared towards a serious roleplay community.  By playing here, you agree to take all RP interactions seriously and roleplay to the best of your ability.  We are not here to "grind" but to create stories and ultimately have fun.


    1. Language - All members must be able to speak fluent, coherent English.
    2. Age - All players must be 18+ upon joining the community. No characters will be under the age of 18.
    3. Character Names - Character names must be realistic, appropriate, and understandable. Famous names are subject to staff approval.
    4. Model Use - Non-human models are not allowed (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.) Dog models may be used for K9 unit by an admin approved LEO Command member.
    5. Major Crime Group Limits - All crime has a participation cap limit of 4, Flecca Savings (big bank) and Jewelry Store cap limit is 6.


    1. Fail RP / RDM / VDM - (It is the players responsibility to report Fail RP/RDM/VDM)
      • Fail RP: The act of failing to remain in character and not valuing your character’s life. This also includes powergaming, meta gaming, and fantasy RP. All PvP interactions must have full initiation and purpose.
        • Full initiation is defined as initiating contact with someone verbally, with more than just 1 word or 1 short sentence. With full initiation, we expect the attacked party to have adequate opportunity to react or respond.
      • RDM / VDM: No randomly attacking another person with a weapon, vehicle, etc. without a reason, interaction, or initiation.
    2. New Life Rule - You are expected to roleplay ALL injuries. If you are killed by another player, you and all your characters, must stay away from the scene of injury for at least 10 minutes after you've taken the "airlift" (respawned).
    3. Dark Roleplay - Mild dark roleplay is allowed so long as both sides are in agreement as to what will happen. Written consent must be obtained when pertaining to extreme or torture-type RP and must be obtained prior to the actions taking place. Proof of consent (or non-consent) must be provided if the RP comes into question for any reason.
    4. RP Exploitation - It is defined as selling free items obtained in game that you only have access to and selling it for profit.
    5. Hostages - Hostages are defined as someone who is kidnapped with the intent of leveraging a person’s life to get a reaction or action from a third party.
      • Hostages can only be taken when there are 4 or more cops are on duty.
        • If you do not meet the cop requirement to take a hostage, hostages can be taken IF the other player consents OOC.
        • If there are LESS THAN 4 cops, you may NOT take an on duty government official, no matter if they consent.
      • Hostages must be genuine, cannot be a fake hostage, and not be someone you regularly associate with.
      • When requesting money per hostage, financial demands must be reasonable. 
    6. Storm Prep - 30 minutes after and before a reset, major crimes are not allowed. Major crimes are classified as financial and victim crimes. Situations that start before the 30 minute mark when leading up to a reset may continue.
    7. Off Limits - The following locations and vehicles are prohibited: Fort Zancudo, military vehicles, quarry dump trucks, and vehicles with weapons or mounted weapons. Aircrafts are allowed for whitelisted pilots, EMS, and LEO.
    8. Combat Logging - You may not disconnect for ANY reason for at least 15 minutes after an interaction with LEO, EMS, or any criminal activity, including player to player hostile interactions. Players are expected to message involved parties if they MUST disconnect with the reasoning. Exceptions include going to prison or being hospitalized. When in a situation with another player, if you log out while killed your character is expected to RP not having memory of the situation (Unless agreed upon by both parties)
      • It is prohibited to respawn during any active RP interaction.

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