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Linking TeamSpeak with Forums (Optional)

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If you'd like to link your TeamSpeak with the forums to get pretty tags, follow this guide. This is completely optional since you do not need tags to connect to our servers. 

  1. Just like Discord, go to your account settings: 


  2. You will have a list of settings on your left. At the bottom of those options is "TeamSpeak" settings. 

  3. You will then be asked to put in your UUID


  4. To find your UUID for TeamSpeak, you'll have to open up your TeamSpeak app, make sure you're signed in (if no account, please register one), and then you're going to prese CTRL+I (i) and then copy the UUID in the box which looks like this: 

  5. Once your have copy and pasted your UUID, click save in the TeamSpeak Settings and you are all linked up. 


Remember to give it some time before your tags start showing up. Hoped this helped! 

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