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Patch Notes 06/07/2021

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Posted (edited)

New Features

  • New Job: Fishing
  • New map blips
  • Drug animation effects



Bug Fixes

  • Processing items now updates the inventory UI
  • Fixed duplicate cars given at chop shop
  • Door lock fixes
  • Fixed ammo disappearing
  • Fixed queue and server role syncing




  • Changes to emergency services dispatch alerts
  • Weather forecast updates
  • Added blimps and other vehicles to blacklist



These patch notes are not meant to be an in game newspaper or anything of the like. They are posted as a way to update the community of server updates, but it's still expected that you discover changes or new features in character.

As always, if you find any bugs, please head over the the bug reports section and let us know

If you have any suggestions for the server, please place them in the Suggestions forum

Edited by Cooper Bradley
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