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Libitina... Start encryption saves.

Vitami Gattington

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I keep losing my damn journals. 
Araceli and I have moved about... what.. four times? Some of them for jobs and such but yikes. 
Alright... What do we have unpacked already?

I missed you guys. It's amazing to see the city grow and flourish so well. 
It's a shame I've been away, but I've been much healthier, mentally.

I don't know how many people remember me. But I talk about this city so much. 
I send people to this city when they ask me for suggestions.

ahhhh-shit. I think our funds got washed down the drain somehow... I don't remember spending all that much except for gummy--- ...
[Vi quietly gets up and looks toward the 'forbidden cupboard'] 
... We nearlyhad enough for a house in the city-- ... Libitina?
[The lights elegantly pulse a green that crawled along just below and above the coving of the walls to both ceiling and floor.]
T... Te-- ... ... ...

[Vi drew in a deep breath as she pinched her nose]


I've missed you all. I can't wait to continue to see everyone and everything grow and expand.
T-Tell me the value of sweet and sour confectionary and sweets in the cupboard...

Unfortunately, I had to kill myself in order to build myself up again. I don't know if anyone remembers or knows who I am anymore.
I hope Jasmine's been well...



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