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Linking FiveM with Discord

Cooper Bradley

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For accessing the server, Discord and FiveM must be linked. You can check by opening FiveM with Discord open, and checking that Discord is listed in the Connected Accounts under "Settings".




If it's not listed, there are a few solutions to the problem. First, be sure Discord isn't running in administrator mode. For whatever reason it effects the game's ability to connect. Just restart Discord out of admin mode, then restart Discord.

If the connection still isn't there, You can attempt to delete the FiveM cache, as well as Discord's cache. Close both, then delete FiveM's by navigating to the FiveM application Files (either in roaming or in the empty folder you initially put FiveM). To save time, go inside "cace" and delete everything but the game folder.

After, there are 2 cache locations for Discord, one in Local (which you can get to by doing %localappdata% in your file browser navigation bar), and the other in the Roaming folder (%appdata%). In both, find the folder named "Discord" and delete them. Finally, restart Discord, then FiveM.

If all else fails, try reinstalling Discord or open a ticket in the Discord and a member of Support will be able to assist you.

(More screen shots coming soon)

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