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Beta Test Weekend [February 26-28]

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Alright everyone, the time has come for the official beta test announcement.

We will be having a beta test the weekend of February 26-28

This is open to all members Whitelisted at Salvation RP. 

If you aren't WL and are new, you can apply for WL on our website >> HERE<<

If you are a player from Revolution Life and were in good standing when it shut down, you can get re-approved through our discord in the "role-forum-tag-requests" room. If we cannot find record of your character or your playtime, we may ask you to go to the forums and apply there. 

If you have any questions about whitelist, open a ticket in discord in the "ask-admin" room. 


The beta test weekend is a chance for our WL members to play around, test, break things, and give feedback. Once the weekend is over, the devs will fix things that broke, make necessary adjustments, and continue to add in more important features.

Salvation RP will open its doors soon after in beta, meaning it's a full opening, but there may be some features still needing work or things needing to be tweaked. That is when Roleplay will officially begin on the server, as you will have the basic features needed to RP. We plan to be out of beta once development has met all the needs and fixed any major issues.

Thanks for all of your patience with us as we worked to develop amazing things for you guys. We hope to see you at the beta test!

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