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Salvation RP Patch Notes - Starting Features

Cooper Bradley

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Starting running list of features for the server by developer


@Cooper Bradley

  • Roleplay framework - Handles character creation, permissions, and internal user list
  • SaltyChat integration
  • Bank - Bank account system with initial primary account. Allows for more account and account types in the future
    • /accounts (to see your account #)
    • /withdraw [account#] [amount]
    • /deposit [account#] [amount]
  • Forecast - Pre selects forecast, eventually will be available from the phone
  • Inventory - Integrates weapons and ammo into the inventory, no longer requiring you to "bag" your weapons, using them toggles holding them or not. All items that can be used, can be bound on 1-5 on the number bar. Hover over the item and hit the number. Known Caveats: Sometimes does not display correct and requires a rebind or use of previously bound item.
  • Log - Full logging system by character and user
  • Loading screen - A screen that rotates through a folder of images to be taken from the community
  • F1 Radial Interaction Menu integration
  • Door locks
  • LEO/EMS/DOJ Features/Functions


@Jasmine Kali

  • MLO/YMAP interiors
  • Lockpicks
  • Eating/Drinking animations
  • Banking locations
  • Additional Door Locks
  • Various LEO/EMS Features/Function additions, edits, adjustments
  • DP Emotes and DP Clothing integration
  • Teleport locations


@James Peterson

  • Vehicle Handling
  • Vehicle Model Implementation
  • Various LEO/EMS Features/Function additions, edits, adjustments
  • Hunting system
  • Dumpster Diving (modified from Ernest's original)
  • Various Legal and Illegal Jobs
  • Player HUD
  • Repair Kits
  • Car Washes
  • Go-Karts
  • Vehicle Rental
  • DP Scenes integration
  • Drug gathering and processing
  • Various bug fixes

@Edward Owen

  • Server Side Vehicles (Player owned vehicles won't de-spawn if you leave game or walk away)
  • Various LEO/EMS Features/Function additions, edits, adjustments
  • Animal spawns to allow for Hunting
  • Fixing MLO collision issues
  • Various bug fixes

@Sawyer Mason

  • In game phone implementation and customization 
  • Various bug fixes

@Bill Brexit

  • Store items and Food Locations
  • Server pricing checks
  • Public garage locations
  • Black Market
  • PEDs in Stores
  • Various bug fixes

@Ernest Flanagan

  • Server set-up and maintenance
  • Database setup and maintenance 
  • TeamSpeak upkeep and Maintenance 
  • Original dumpster diving script
  • Various bug fixes


  • Forums design, layout, and customization 

@Darcy Reid

  • Custom Clothing & Hair

@Holland Stiles

  • Various Graphics for all elements of Salvation RP
  • Forums design and customization 

@Kat Sweetser & @Leon Jones

  • Code of Law
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  • Jasmine Kali changed the title to Salvation RP Patch Notes - Starting Features
  • Server Owner


  • Fixed issue where PDM was giving out free cars
  • Fixed Little Seoul not selling items
  • Buffed food and some drinks
  • Fixed phone bugs (due to a failed merge)

More fixes to come with each reset

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Posted (edited)


  • Hopefully fixed inventory issues.(If you are still experiencing them and have not had your inventory reset yet, please open a ticket/comp request)
  • Various job(illegal and legal) payout changes.
  • Vehicle pricing adjustments
  • various hotkey overlap improvements.
  • Phone efficiency and feature improvements.
  • Government employees get paychecks!
  • Door lock fixes
  • VoIP improvements
  • Various other bug-fixes

More fixes to come with each reset

Edited by James Peterson
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  • Server Owner


  • Another attempted inventory fix
  • Changed the way the game detects if you're hungry/thirsty or not
  • 7789: More clothing stores as reported missing by bug reports
  • 90: Fixed the Page Down clothing menu to properly dress/undress players
  • 94: Prison Rental Spawn Fixed
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