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Salvation RP Commands and Keybinds

Cooper Bradley

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This is a running list of commands and Keybinds currently in the server.

Most Keybinds can be changed to any key in Settings > Keybinds > FiveM

Most if not all the commands will have a Keybind or interaction menu counterpart.



  • [F1] - Interaction Menu
  • [F2] - Toggle Surrender
  • [F3] - Toggle Prone
  • [F6] - Toggle vehicle engine
  • [F10] - Bring up speed radar controls
  • [E] - Interact with most markers
  • [I] - Inventory
  • [B] - Point (This one is the default GTA keybind for pointing located under GTA Online) or seatbelt if in car
  • [L] - Lock/Unlock Vehicle
  • [G] - Cruise Control / Quick escort if EMS/LEO (Will require either cuffed or down and stabilized)
  • [K] - Put dragged person in car (LEO/EMS)
  • [O] - Remove all from vehicle (LEO/EMS)
  • [CAPS LOCK] - Primary Radio (can be rebound)
  • [J] - Secondary Radio (can be rebound)
  • [Page Up] - Emote Menu
  • [Page Down] - Clothing Modifier (put on take off clothing) 
  • [DEL] - Display  player list / Cancel Progress Bar Task (will change)


  • /engine - Toggle engine
    • Also hold F1 while in a vehicle
  • /accounts - Check all bank accounts with access and see balance (pretty UI coming soon)
    • Deposit Money: /deposit [account#] [amount]
    • Withdraw Money: /withdraw [account#] [amount]
  • /requestEMS - Sends EMS request ping
    • Can also use phone to request
  • /bed (near hospital beds) - puts you in bed and heals you
  • /dealer - Activates the ability to sell drugs to NPC
    • This script is currently a bit resource heavy, so be sure to use /dealer to turn it off when you no longer intend to sell to NPC
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